Strategic Guidance Through Business Law, Tax Counsel And Bankruptcy

Holloway & Norman Law Group capably guides D.C. and Maryland clients through complex business law, bankruptcy and tax concerns. We have over 40 years of combined legal experience to confidently protect the financial well-being of companies and individuals. In addition to a legal degree, attorney Elton Norman holds a BBA in accounting and passed his certified public accountancy exam. He draws upon years of experience as outside counsel for companies and as a teacher of business law and tax law to resolve complex cases.

Comprehensive Business Law Counsel

Holloway & Norman Law Group can provide legal counsel through all phases of your company’s growth cycle. We will carefully analyze your business model and goals to advise you through business formation, writing secure contracts, creating employment policies and designing growth and exit strategies. Attorney Norman is a skilled negotiator who understands how to help both parties reach a beneficial resolution in a cost-effective, efficient manner. If we are unable to negotiate a reasonable settlement, we can assertively protect your interests in court.

Strategic Assistance Filing For Bankruptcy

Many people are apprehensive about filing for bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy can be a powerful financial tool to help you reclaim control of your financial future. Our firm guides businesses and individuals through the bankruptcy process. We will thoroughly examine your financial situation to evaluate whether you could benefit from Chapter 13 or 7 bankruptcy or another debt relief solution. Depending upon your circumstances, we may help you reorganize or negotiate debts or have them discharged altogether.

Experienced Tax Counseling

Tax law is complex and constantly changing. It can be difficult for both individuals and businesses to properly plan for and prepare taxes. We can guide you through the preparation and filing process or help you negotiate with the IRS over back tax liabilities. Depending upon your situation, we can take a variety of actions, including settling for a lower repayment amount or repaying taxes in regular installments. Our goal is to implement the strategy that provides maximum financial benefit and resolves any disputes with the IRS.

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Experienced Financial Representation

If you require business law, bankruptcy or tax assistance, call 866-355-5414 or use the contact form below to secure the qualified legal assistance you require. These legal issues are complex. Working with an experienced attorney can provide capable guidance to avoid costly pitfalls and protect your best interests.

As a full-service law firm, we can apply our financial acumen to inform your family law decisions. Our lawyers can explain the tax ramifications of your proposed property division plan or how a divorce may impact your small business.