How Is Child Custody Determined?

The possibility of losing custody or access to your chuld is stressful and upsetting situation.  Holloway & Norman Law Group is sensitive to the intense, and emotional nature of such matters.  We will keep the best interest of you and your children in mind at all times in addressing the issues of physical custody, legal custody, and visitation schedules.
Holloway & Norman Law Group is experienced at advocating for fair child custody arrangements and defending your parenting rights. Well-versed in your custody matters Ms.  Holloway teaches monthly child custody classes for local parents who are enmeshed in custody  court proceedings.

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Understanding Child Custody

There are two types of child custody: legal and physical. During child custody proceedings, you may be awarded both, one or neither type of custody.

Legal custody grants the ability to make key decisions about your child’s future, including medical care, schooling and religion. A parent with physical custody lives with the child and is involved in day-to-day care. Additionally, you may be awarded sole custody or  joint custody, depending upon your family’s circumstances.

Factors That Influence Child Custody

The court determines child custody arrangements by deciding what is in the “best interest” of the child. While this is difficult to define, the court takes a variety of factors into account, including:

  • The child’s wishes
  • Prior levels of parenting involvement
  • Each parent’s ability to provide a stable home
  • Each parent’s ability to physically and emotionally provide for the child
  • History of alcohol or substance abuse
  • History of domestic violence
  • How a change in household or school would affect the child’s well-being
  • The child’s current placement and routine

This list is not comprehensive, but it should provide a good idea of how the courts consider child custody during divorce proceedings. In general, they strive to create plans that allow both parents to remain involved in a child’s life.

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